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These are ALL the aiports that CP Air Virtual Airlines Flys to. Click on the Airport ICAO to see Google Maps overlay.

ICAO Airport Name Airport Country
05S Vernonia Municipal Airport United States
0S9 Jefferson County International United States
11S Sekiu Airport United States
1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport United States
1WA6 Fall City Airport United States
2W3 Swanson Airport United States
2WA1 Diamond Point Airstrip United States
3W5 Mears Field Airport United States
65S Boundary County Airport United States
74S Anacortes Airport United States
77S Hobby Field Airport United States
7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark United States
ASB Asimba Papua New Guinea
AYBK Buka Airport Papua New Guinea
AYBU Bulolo Papua New Guinea
AYCH Chimbu Airport Papua New Guinea
AYDU Daru Airport Papua New Guinea
AYEO Emo Mission Papua New Guinea
AYFF Faia Papua New Guinea
AYGA Goroka Airport Papua New Guinea
AYGB Gobe Papua New Guinea
AYGN Gurney Airport Papua New Guinea
AYGR Girua Airport Papua New Guinea
AYHK Kimbe Airport Papua New Guinea
AYIQ Aropa Papua New Guinea
AYKI Kiunga Airport Papua New Guinea
AYKK Kikori Airport Papua New Guinea
AYKM Kerema Airport Papua New Guinea
AYKO Kokoda Airport Papau New Guinea
AYKV Kavieng Airport Papua New Guinea
AYKY Londolovit Airport Papua New Guinea
AYMD Madang Airport Papua New Guinea
AYMH Mount Hagen Kagamuga Airport Papua New Guinea
AYMN Mendi Airport Papua New Guinea
AYMO Momote Airport Papua New Guinea
AYNZ Lae Nadzab Airport Papua New Guinea
AYPY Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport Papua New Guinea
AYTA Tari Airport Papua New Guinea
AYTB Tabubil Airport Papua New Guinea
AYTK Tokua Airport Papua New Guinea
AYVN Vanimo Airport Papua New Guinea
AYWD Wapenamanda Airport Papua New Guinea
AYWK Wewak International Airport Papua New Guinea
BIKF Keflavík International Airport Iceland
BOD Bodinumu Airstrip Papau New Guinea
BOR Boridi Airstrip Papau New Guinea
CEF4 Airdrie Airport Canada
CNK4 Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Canada
CYAM Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Canada
CYAY Saint Anthony Airport Canada
CYBC Baie Comeau, Que. Canada
CYBD Bella Coola Airport Canada
CYBE Uranium City Airport Canada
CYBG Bagotville, Que. Canada
CYBK Baker Lake Airport Canada
CYBL Campbell River Airport Canada
CYCB Cambridge Bay Airport Canada
CYCD Nanaimo Airport Canada
CYCG Castlegar Airport Canada
CYCH Chatham Can-Mil Canada
CYCL Charlo Airport Canada
CYCS Chesterfield Inlet Airport Canada
CYDF Deer Lake, Nfld. Canada
CYDQ Dawson Creek Airport Canada
CYEG Edmonton International, Alta. Canada
CYEK Arviat Airport Canada
CYEV Inuvik, NWT Canada
CYFC Fredericton, N. B. Canada
CYFO Flin Flon Airport Canada
CYFS Fort Simpson Airport Canada
CYGK Kingston, Ont. Canada
CYGP Gaspé Airport Canada
CYGR Iles de la Madeleine Canada
CYHD Dryden Regional Airport Canada
CYHY Hay River Airport Canada
CYHZ Halifax International Airport Canada
CYJT Stephenville, Nfld. Canada
CYKA Kamloops, B. C. Canada
CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Canada
CYLW Kelowna Airport Canada
CYMM Fort McMurray Airport Canada
CYMT Chibougamau-Chapais, Que Canada
CYMX Montreal / Mirabel Canada
CYNE Norway House Airport Canada
CYOD CFB Cold Lake Canada
CYOJ High Level Airport Canada
CYOW Ottawa Int'L. Ont. Canada
CYPE Peace River Airport Canada
CYPR Prince Rupert, B. C. Canada
CYPW Powell River Airport Canada
CYPY Fort Chipewyan Airport Canada
CYQB Jean Lesage International Airport Canada
CYQD The Pas Airport Canada
CYQG Windsor, Ont. Canada
CYQH Watson Lake, Y. T. Canada
CYQM Moncton, N. B. Canada
CYQQ Comox Airport Canada
CYQR Regina Canada
CYQT Thunder Bay, Ont. Canada
CYQU Grande Prairie, Alta. Canada
CYQX Gander Int. Airport, Nfld. Canada
CYQY Sydney, N. S. Canada
CYQZ Quesnel Airport Canada
CYRB Resolute Bay Airport Canada
CYRT Rankin Inlet Airport Canada
CYSB Sudbury, Ont. Canada
CYSE Squamish Airport Canada
CYSJ Saint John, N. B. Canada
CYSM Fort Smith Airport Canada
CYSU Summerside Airport Canada
CYTH Thompson Airport Canada
CYTS Timmins, Ont. Canada
CYTZ Toronto Island Airport Automated Reporting Station Canada
CYUL Montreal / Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Que Canada
CYUT Repulse Bay Airport Canada
CYUY Rouyn Airport Canada
CYVO Val-d'Or Airport Canada
CYVQ Norman Wells Airport Canada
CYVR Vancouver International Airport, B. C. Canada
CYWG Winnipeg Int. Airport Canada
CYWK Wabush Airport Canada
CYWL Williams Lake, B. C. Canada
CYXC Cranbrook, B. C. Canada
CYXD Edmonton City Centre Airport Canada
CYXE Saskatoon, Sask. Canada
CYXJ Fort St John, B. C. Canada
CYXN Whale Cove Airport Canada
CYXS Prince George, B. C. Canada
CYXT Terrace, B. C. Canada
CYXU London, Ont. Canada
CYXX Abbotsford Airport Canada
CYXY Whitehorse, Y. T. Canada
CYYB North Bay, Ont. Canada
CYYC Calgary International, Alta. Canada
CYYD Smithers, B. C. Canada
CYYE Fort Nelson, B. C. Canada
CYYF Penticton, B. C. Canada
CYYG Charlottetown, P. E. I. Canada
CYYJ Victoria Int. Airport, B. C. Canada
CYYL Lynn Lake Airport Canada
CYYQ Churchill Airport Canada
CYYR Goose, Nfld. Canada
CYYT St. John's, Nfld Canada
CYYY Mont Joli, Que. Canada
CYYZ Toronto Pearson Int'L. Ont. Canada
CYZF Yellowknife Airport Canada
CYZP Sandspit, B. C. Canada
CYZR Sarnia Airport Canada
CYZS Coral Harbour Airport Canada
CYZT Port Hardy Airport Canada
CYZV Sept-ÃŽles Airport Canada
CZBF Bathurst Canada
CZST Stewart Airport Canada
CZUM Churchill Falls Airport Canada
DTTA Tunis-Carthage Tunisia
EBBR Bruxelles National Belgium
EDDF Rhein-Main-Flughafen Frankfurt am Main Germany
EDDL airport Dusseldorf Germany
EDDM Franz Josef Strauss International Airport Germany
EDDT Tegel Germany
EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Finland
EFO Efogi Airstrip Papau New Guinea
EGAA Belfast / Aldergrove Airport United Kingdom
EGAC Belfast / Harbour United Kingdom
EGBB Birmingham / Airport United Kingdom
EGCC Manchester Airport United Kingdom
EGGW Luton Airport United Kingdom
EGKK London / Gatwick Airport United Kingdom
EGLL Heathrow United Kingdom
EGNT Newcastle International Airport United Kingdom
EGPF Glasgow Airport United Kingdom
EGPK Prestwick Airport United Kingdom
EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Netherlands
EIDW Dublin Airport Ireland
EKCH Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Denmark
ENAL Alesund Vigra Airport Norway
ENAN Andenes/Andoya Airport Norway
ENAT Alta Airport Norway
ENBN Bronnoysund/Bronnoy Airport Norway
ENBO Bodo Airport Norway
ENBR Bergen Flesland Airport Norway
ENCN Kjevik Airport Norway
ENDU Bardufoss Airport Norway
ENEV Evenes Airport Norway
ENFL Floro Airport Norway
ENGM Oslo Airport, Gardermoen Norway
ENHF Hammerfest Airport Norway
ENHK Hasvik Airport Norway
ENHV Honningsvag Valan Airport Norway
ENKB Kristiansund-Kvernberget Airport Norway
ENKR Kirkenes-Hoybuktmoen Norway
ENLK Leknes Airport Norway
ENMH Mehamn Airport Norway
ENML Molde-Aro Airport Norway
ENMS Mosjoen Kjaerstad Airport Norway
ENNA Lakselv Banak Airport Norway
ENNK Narvik Airport, Framnes Norway
ENNM Namsos Airport Norway
ENNO Notodden Tuven Airport Norway
ENOL Orland Airport Norway
ENRA Moirana Rossvoll Airport Norway
ENRM Rorvik Ryum Airport Norway
ENRO Roros Norway
ENRS Rost Airport Norway
ENSG Sogndal/Haukasen Airport Norway
ENSH Svolvaer-Helle Airport Norway
ENSK Stokmarknes-Skagen Airport Norway
ENSO Stord Sorstokken Airport Norway
ENSR Sorkjosen Airport Norway
ENSS Vardo Svartnes Airport Norway
ENST Sandnessjoen Airport Norway
ENTC Tromso/Langnes Airport Norway
ENTO Sandefjord / Torp Airport Norway
ENVA Trondheim Vaernes Airport Norway
ENZV Stavanger Sola Airport Norway
EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport Poland
ESSA Arlanda Sweden
FAJS Oliver Reginald Tambo International South Africa
FNE Fane Papua New Guinea
GCXO Tenerife / Los Rodeos Spain
GMMN Aéroport de Casablanca - Mohamed V Morocco
HECA Cairo Airport Egypt
HKJK Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta Airport TWR/APP/NOF/Civil Airlines Kenya
KABQ Albuquerque International Airport United States
KALB Albany County Airport United States
KASE Aspen Pitkin County Sardy Field United States
KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport United States
KAVX Catalina Airport United States
KBDL Bradley International Airport United States
KBHB Hancock Co Bar Harbor Airport United States
KBID Block Island State Airport United States
KBKL Burke Lakefront Airport United States
KBLU Blue Canyon - Nyack Airport United States
KBNA Nashville International Airport United States
KBOS General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport United States
KBUF Greater Buffalo International Airport United States
KBVS Skagit Regional Airport United States
KBWI Baltimore-Washington International Airport United States
KBZN Gallatin Field United States
KCHS Charleston International Airport United States
KCLE Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport United States
KCLT Charlotte/Douglas International Airport United States
KCMH Port Columbus International Airport United States
KCVG Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport United States
KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport United States
KDEN Denver International Airport United States
KDFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport United States
KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport United States
KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport United States
KEKA Murray Field Airport United States
KEWR Newark International Airport United States
KFAT Fresno Yosemite International Airport United States
KFHR Friday Harbor Airport United States
KFLL Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport United States
KFMY Page Field United States
KFOT Rohnerville Airport United States
KGCN Grand Canyon National Park Airport United States
KGH Yongai Papua New Guinea
KGI Kagi Airstrip Papau New Guinea
KGRR Gerald R. Ford International Airport United States
KIAD Washington Dulles International Airport United States
KIAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston United States
KIND Indianapolis International Airport United States
KJAC Jackson Hole Airport United States
KJFK Kennedy International United States
KLAS McCarran International Airport United States
KLAX Los Angeles International Airport United States
KLGA La Guardia Airport United States
KLIT Adams Field United States
KMCI Kansas City International Airport United States
KMCO Orlando International Airport United States
KMDT Harrisburg International Airport United States
KMDW Chicago Midway Airport United States
KMEM Memphis International Airport United States
KMIA Miami International Airport United States
KMKE General Mitchell International Airport United States
KMRY Monterey Regional Airport United States
KMSP Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport United States
KMSY New Orleans International Airport United States
KOAK Metropolitan Oakland International Airport United States
KONT Ontario International Airport United States
KORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport United States
KORS Orcas Island Airport United States
KOSH Wittman Regional Airport United States
KPDX Portland International Airport United States
KPHL Philadelphia International Airport United States
KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport United States
KPIE St. Petersburg / Clearwater, St. Petersburg / Clearwater International Airport United States
KPIT Pittsburgh International Airport United States
KPSP Palm Springs Municipal Airport United States
KPVD Theodore Francis Green State Airport United States
KPWM Portland International Jetport United States
KRDD Redding Municipal Airport United States
KRDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport United States
KRIC Richmond International Airport United States
KRNO Washoe Station Nevada Department of Wildlife Heliport United States
KROC Greater Rochester International Airport United States
KRSW Southwest Florida International Airport United States
KSAN San Diego International Airport United States
KSEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport United States
KSEZ Sedona Airport United States
KSFF Felts Field United States
KSFO San Francisco International Airport United States
KSLC Salt Lake City International Airport United States
KSNA John Wayne-Orange County Airport United States
KSP Kosipe Papua New Guinea
KSQL San Carlos Airport United States
KSTL Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport United States
KSTS Sonoma County Airport United States
KSYR Syracuse Hancock International Airport United States
KTEX Telluride Regional Airport United States
KTPA Tampa International Airport United States
KTUS Tucson International Airport United States
KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport United States
KWYS Yellowstone Airport United States
L05 Kern Valley Airport United States
L70 Agua Dulce Airport United States
LAU Launumu Airstrip Papau New Guinea
LEMD Madrid / Barajas Spain
LFPG Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle France
LFVP Saint-Pierre Airport Saint Pierre and Miquelon
LGAV Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport Greece
LIMC airport Milan Malpensa Italy
LIRF Leonardo da Vinci International Airport Italy
LLBG Ben Gurion Israel
LOWI Innsbruck International Airport Austria
LOWW Flughafen Wien-Schwechat Austria
LPAZ Santa Maria Acores Portugal
LPPT Lisboa / Portela Portugal
LSZH airport Zurich Switzerland
LTBA Istanbul / Ataturk Turkey
LXGB Gibraltar Gibraltar
MAN Manari Airstrip Papau New Guinea
MBPV Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands
MHRO Roatan Honduras
MIL Mliei Airstrip Papau New Guinea
MKJS Sangster International Airport Jamaica
MMAA Acapulco / G. Alvarez Mexico
MMCZ Cozumel Civ / Mil Mexico
MMGL Don Miguel Hipalgo International Mexico
MMMX Mexico City / Licenci Mexico
MMPR Licenciado Gustaavo Diaz Ordaz International Mexico
MMSD San Jose Del Cabo Mexico
MMTM General Francisco Javier Mina International Mexico
MMUN Cancun International Airport Mexico
MMZH Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Mexico
MPTO Aeropuerto de Tocumen Panama
MUCC Cayo Coco / Jardines Del Ray Cuba
MUSC Abel Santamaria Cuba
MWCR Owen Roberts International Airport Cayman Islands
MYGF Freeport International Airport Bahamas
MYNN Nassau International Airport Bahamas
MYO Myola Airstrip Papau New Guinea
NFFN Nandi Fiji
NSAS Ofu Village Airport American Samoa
NSAU Asau Airport Samoa
NSFA Faleolo International Airport Samoa
NSFI Fagali'i Airport Samoa
NSFQ Fitiuta Airport American Samoa
NSMA Maota Airport Samoa
NSTU Pago Pago International Airport American Samoa
NZAA Auckland International Airport New Zealand
NZAP Taupo Airport New Zealand
NZAR Ardmore Airport New Zealand
NZAS Ashburton Airport New Zealand
NZCH Christchurch Airport New Zealand
NZDN Dunedin Airport New Zealand
NZFI Feilding Airport New Zealand
NZGB Great Barrier Airport New Zealand
NZGM Greymouth Airport New Zealand
NZGS Gisborne Airport New Zealand
NZGT Glentanner Airport New Zealand
NZHA Hawera Airport New Zealand
NZHK Hokitika Airport New Zealand
NZHN Hamilton Airport New Zealand
NZHS Hastings Airport New Zealand
NZKK Kerikeri/Bay of Islands Airport New Zealand
NZKT Kaitaia Airport New Zealand
NZLX Alexandra Airport New Zealand
NZMC Mount Cook Airport New Zealand
NZMF Milford Sound Airport New Zealand
NZMO Te Anau/Manapouri Airport New Zealand
NZMS Masterton Airport New Zealand
NZNE North Shore Airport New Zealand
NZNP New Plymouth Airport New Zealand
NZNR Napier Airport New Zealand
NZNS Nelson Airport New Zealand
NZNV Invercargill Airport New Zealand
NZOA Omarama Airport New Zealand
NZOH Ohakea Airport New Zealand
NZOU Oamaru Airport New Zealand
NZPM Palmerston North Airport New Zealand
NZPN Picton Airport New Zealand
NZPP Paraparaumu Airport New Zealand
NZQN Queenstown Airport New Zealand
NZRO Rotorua Airport New Zealand
NZRU Waiouru Airport New Zealand
NZSL Springhill Airport New Zealand
NZTE Te Kowhai Airport New Zealand
NZTG Tauranga Airport New Zealand
NZTH Thames Airport New Zealand
NZTI Taieri Airport New Zealand
NZTK Takaka Airport New Zealand
NZTO Tokoroa Airport New Zealand
NZTT Te Kuiti Airport New Zealand
NZTU Timaru Airport New Zealand
NZWB Woodbourne Airport New Zealand
NZWF Wanaka Airport New Zealand
NZWK Whakatane Airport New Zealand
NZWN Wellington Int Airport New Zealand
NZWO Wairoa Airport New Zealand
NZWP Whenuapai Airport New Zealand
NZWR Whangarei Airport New Zealand
NZWS Westport Airport New Zealand
NZWT Whitianga Airport New Zealand
NZWU Whanganui Airport New Zealand
O60 Cloverdale Municipal Airport United States
OG39 Longview Ranch Airport United States
OMDB Dubai International Airport United Arab Emirates
ONB Ononge Papua New Guinea
PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport United States
PAGS Gustavus Airport United States
PAHO Homer Airport United States
PAJN Juneau International Airport United States
PAKT Ketchikan International Airport United States
PANC Anchorage International Airport United States
PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field Airport United States
PAYA Yakutat Airport United States
PHNL Honolulu International Airport United States
RJAA New Tokyo Inter-National Airport Japan
RJTT Tokyo International Airport Japan
RKSS Seoul / Kimp'O International Airport South Korea
RPLL Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Philippines
S43 Harvey Field Airport United States
S45 Siletz Bay State Airport United States
S93 Cle Elum Municipal Airport United States
SAEZ Ezeiza Aerodrome Argentina
SBGL Galeao Brazil
SCEL Aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benítez Chile
SEQU Quito / Mariscal Sucre Ecuador
SKBO Bogota / Eldorado Colombia
SKCG Aeropuerto Internacional de Crespo Colombia
SKSP San Andres Isla / Sesquicentenario Colombia
SLLP J F Kennedy Bolivia
SPIM Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez Peru
SVMG Margarita / Del Carib Venezuela
TAP Tapini Papua New Guinea
TBPB Grantley Adams International Airport Barbados
TFFR Pointe-à-Pitre - Le Raizet Guadeloupe
TIM Timkenumo Airstrip Papau New Guinea
TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin International Airport Puerto Rico
TNCA Koningin Beatrix Luchthaven Aruba
TNCC Curaçao International Airport Netherlands Antilles
TXKF Kindley Field Bermuda
UUEE Aeroport Sheremet’yevo Russia
VABB Bombay / Santacruz India
VHHH Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong
VHHX Hong Kong International Airport, Kai Tak United Kingdom
VNKT Tribhuwan Airport Nepal
VRMM Male Maldives
VTBD Don Mueang International Airport Thailand
W16 First Air Field Airport United States
W28 Sequim Valley Airport United States
W52 Goheen Airport United States
WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip United States
WSSS Singapore Changi Airport Singapore
WTP Woitape Papua New Guinea
XXXX Honorary Members Canada
YBBN Brisbane Australia
YBCS Cairns Australia
YBOI Boigu Airport Australia
YBRM Broome Australia
YBTH Bathurst Australia
YBUD Bundaberg Australia
YCDR Caloundra Australia
YCNK Cessnock Australia
YHBA Hervey Bay Australia
YHID Horn Island Airport Australia
YKUB Kubin Airport Australia
YMAV Avalon Australia
YMEN Essendon Australia
YMMB Moorabbin Australia
YMML Melbourne Australia
YNPE Northern Penninsula Papua New Guinea
YPEC Belmont Australia
YPJT Perth Australia
YPMQ Port Macquarie Australia
YSCB Canberra Australia
YSCH Coffs Harbour Australia
YSII Saibai Island Airport Australia
YSSY Sydney International Airport Australia
YSTW Tamworth Australia
YWOL Wollongong Australia
YWVA Warnervale Australia
ZBAA Beijing Capital International Airport China