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Author Topic: More New CPC Routes (Read 11 times)
Stephen Schliederer
Senior Captain

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Posted at: 2012-10-24 02:49:58

We have added a few more new routes to the CPC schedule and added legs to 2 existing routes.

The new routes are:

1) CYUL to CYWG and return
2) CYVR to CYQR and return
3) CYYC to CYQR and return
4) CYWG to CYQR and return

The 2 revised routes are:

1) CYYZ to EGLL to LXGB and return is now CYYZ to BIKF to EGLL to LXGB and return.
2) CYYZ to RJAA to VHHH and return is now CYYZ to RJAA to VHHH to WSSS and return.

In the case of #2 above, the added leg VHHH to WSSS, will now allow you to connect westbound out of WSSS on the
flight from WSSS to VABB to EDDF to CYYZ. By flying these 2 flights it is in essence a "Round the World Route" if you will.
Vise versa if you prefer to go eastbound.

Hope you enjoy the new additions.  :)
Bruce Wood
Senior Captain
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Posted at: 2012-10-24 09:50:38

There WILL be a new "Round the World" Tour created with that in mind, in case anyone is interested ;)

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