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Canadian Classic Airlines FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What does CPC, EPA, NDA, PWA and WDA stand for?
A: CPC – CP Air. EPA – Eastern Provincial Airways. NDR – Nordair. PWA – Pacific Western. TTZ – Transair. WDA – Wardair

Q: Once I join, what should I do next?
A: Please review the entire FAQ and Handbook before committing to CP Air Virtual Airlines.
One thing to keep in mind, is that; we are a semi-serious group of flight simmers. We like to have fun, of course, but we also are trying to be true to the former Canadian Classic Airlines that we provide; CPC, EPA, NDR, PWA, TTZ and WDA.
We want people who are interested in Canadian Aviation and appreciate the work that goes into recreating a historically accurate schedule and fleet.
So yes, we do have rules, and the schedule will be followed; but we hope the people who are interested in joining CP Air Virtual Airlines, are not just here because it is something different. If this suits you, then read on.

Q: Can I pick my own pilot id and what is my callsign?
A: No. Your pilot id will be automatically assigned the minute you sign up.

Q: How do I choose my flights?
A: First, go to the "Pilot Schedule Bid Options" under the "Schedule Info" Tab and decide what flight you wish to fly. After deciding on your flight, make note of all pertinent information you will need for flight planning.
In the Pilot Center, there are links to your available schedules for the day under “View Flight Schedules”. Once you click on that you see a link "View All Today's Flights". There some planning information under “View Details” and “Pilot Brief”.

Q: How do I choose my flights and How do the schedules work?
A: When, when you select"Pilot Schedule Bid Options" under the "Schedule Info", here is a breakdown of the process:
• If you search by "Airline", "Arrival" or "By Aircraft", a list of available flights, that you can fly, come up.
• You can then select "Add to Bid" to select that flight. You may then view your bids anytime, by selecting under the "Schedule Info" tab, "MyBids", to view either, Pilot Brief, Details, Boarding Pass or to Remove Bid.
• If you don't want to depart from your current location, you can buy a jumpseat flight, to get you to another location, providing you have funds to pay for it. Remember, eveytime you do a flight, you get paid. So, that way you don`t HAVE TO depart from where you last landed at; you are just virtually catching a ride back to another location in the jumpseat.

Q: What Aircraft can I fly?
A: You may fly any aircraft in the fleet.

Q: How many hours can I fly at a time?
A: You may fly any of the scheduled flights, obviously. There aren't many flights that exceed 2 hours and
therefore your daily max allowable is restricted to 14 hours, unless, of course, your flight is longer than that.
We are not here so people can amass huge amounts of hours so they can be on the top of the heap. We try
to be realistic about flying in real time. Your weekly max allowable (over ANY 7 day stretch) can not exceed
50 hours.

Q: What aircraft for Flight Simulation are available from CP Air Virtual Airlines?
A: At this time, we only have FS2004 and FSX/P3D packages. Feel free to use any older CPC, EPA, NDR, PWA TTZ or WDA repaints
you may find.

Q: Am I allowed to use the time accelerator in FlightSim?
A: NO.

Q: How long do I have to wait to fly my first flight?
A: Once you have been accepted, you may fly.

Q: When will my PIREP be processed?
A: Immediately. As soon as you complete your flight, the system automatically checks and approves it. There are criteria though, that may reject it as well. That is:
-Flying using any Time Acceleration 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x 64x 128x
-Landing too hard with a rate of -1000 ft per min

Q: How do you stop pilots from filing incorrect hours, or too many flights?
A: All Pireps are processed through our logging program.

Q: How many flights do I need to do to stay current?
A: At least 1 flight MUST be flown and logged every 6 months. This gives plenty of time to cover holidays,
work etc. If after 6 months a pilot has not completed a flight, he/she will be retired. So, please let us know
if you will be gone for an overly extended time frame.