CP Air Staff Members

Image Position Pilot Description
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifCEO - Chief Executive OfficerCPC0001 - Bruce WoodIn charge of all operations.
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifCOO - Chief Operating OfficerCPC0002 - Stephen SchliedererHandles the CEO's duties in his absence
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifSM - Schedules ManagerCPC0001 - Bruce WoodIn charge of scheduling system
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifSM - Schedules ManagerCPC0002 - Stephen SchliedererIn charge of scheduling system
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifCFO - Chief Financial OfficerCPC0001 - Bruce WoodOversee cash flow, investment and asset management for the Virtual Airline.
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifALM - Airplane Livery ManagerCPC2004 - Brian BradenResponsible for creating CP Air repaints and/or finding other painters/repaints for CP Air Virtual Airlines
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifHRM - Human Resource ManagerCurrently VacantResponsible for the Facebook page and any pilot information updates such as the pilot logbook. Also for looking for new oportunities for new members and new online events etc.
http://www.canadianclassicairlines.com/CPC/lib/skins/cpc/images/orangerank.gifAMM - Aircraft Maintenance ManagerCPC2004 - Brian BradenResponsible for making sure all aircraft downloads are in proper order and noting deficiencies in panels and repaints