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Flight WDA201BA

  • Submitted By: Scott Clawson
  • Departure Airport: Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)
  • Arrival Airport: Vancouver International Airport, B. C. (CYVR)
  • Aircraft: B747-200 (C-GXRA)
  • Flight Time: 05.41.14
  • Date Submitted: 09/26/2015
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(422 load / $ 299.50 per unit
$ 126,389.00
Fuel Cost:
(99856 fuel used @ 1 / unit)
$ 99,856.00

Additional Log Information:

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FS-[23:26] - CLS Boeing 747-211B Wardair Canada C-GXRA
FS-[23:26] - Fuel Start: 180159 lbs
FS-[23:26] - Flight WDA201BA is ready to depart PHNL with a final destination of CYVR.
FS-[23:26] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[23:26] - Navigation Lights ON
FS-[23:26] - Beacon Light ON
FS-[23:26] - Instrument Lights ON
FS-[23:26] - Logo Lights ON
FS-[23:26] - Boarding
FS-[23:26] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[23:28] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[23:30] - Cabin Lights ON
FS-[23:30] - Wing Lights ON
FS-[23:34] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[23:34] - Engine 3 Started
FS-[23:35] - Engine 4 Started
FS-[23:35] - Engine 2 Started
FS-[23:35] - Engine 1 Started
FS-[23:35] - Taxiing to Runway
FS-[23:36] - Taxi Lights ON
FS-[23:37] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[23:37] - Flaps to position 1
FS-[23:37] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[23:39] - Taking Off with 422 passengers on board
FS-[23:42] - Simulator Paused
FS-[23:42] - Simulator Un-Paused
FS-[23:42] - Strobe Lights ON
FS-[23:42] - Landing Lights ON
FS-[23:43] - Instrument Lights OFF
FS-[23:43] - Logo Lights OFF
FS-[23:44] - Take off at 191kts, with a pitch of 7deg and 26215gal of fuel on board
FS-[23:44] - Wind Heading 59 | Wind Speed 9kts | Temperature 26 deg C
FS-[23:44] - Climbing to TOC
FS-[23:44] - Flaps to position 0 at 909ft and 226kts
FS-[23:44] - Gear up at 1243AGL
FS-[23:44] - AutoPilot Engaged at 1430AGL
FS-[23:46] - Instrument Lights ON 4895AGL
FS-[23:46] - Logo Lights ON 4895AGL
FS-[23:48] - Taxi Lights OFF 10492AGL
FS-[23:48] - Landing Lights OFF 10541AGL
FS-[00:02] - Instrument Lights OFF 33002AGL
FS-[00:02] - Logo Lights OFF 33002AGL
FS-[00:09] - TOC reached
FS-[00:09] - Cruise started
FS-[07:12] - TOD reached
FS-[07:12] - Descending to destination
FS-[07:32] - Flaps to position 1 at 11850ft and 287kts
FS-[07:33] - Taxi Lights ON 10240AGL
FS-[07:33] - Landing Lights ON 10144AGL
FS-[07:37] - Flaps to position 2 at 7152ft and 247kts
FS-[06:40] - Landing Shortly
FS-[06:41] - Flaps to position 3 at 5007ft and 210kts
FS-[06:45] - Flaps to position 4 at 4344ft and 199kts
FS-[06:45] - Gear down at 3698AGL
FS-[06:46] - Flaps to position 5 at 3091ft and 168kts
FS-[06:46] - Flaps to position 6 at 2854ft and 162kts
FS-[06:49] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 341AGL
FS-[06:49] - Landed at -185fpm. With 12235gal of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 6deg.
FS-[06:49] - Wind Heading 99 | Wind Speed 5kts | Temperature 11 deg C
FS-[06:50] - Flaps to position 0
FS-[06:50] - Landing Lights OFF
FS-[06:50] - Strobe Lights OFF
FS-[06:50] - Taxiing to Gate
FS-[06:54] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[06:54] - Arrived safely at CYVR. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
FS-[06:54] - Engine 1 Stopped
FS-[06:54] - Engine 2 Stopped
FS-[06:54] - Engine 3 Stopped
FS-[06:54] - Engine 4 Stopped
FS-[06:54] - Wing Lights OFF
FS-[06:55] - Beacon Lights OFF
FS-[06:56] - CLS Boeing 747-211B Wardair Canada C-GXRA
FS-[06:56] - Fuel Stop: 80303 lbs
FS-[06:56] - Fuel Used: 99856 lbs
FS-[06:56] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS-[06:56] - CP Air ACARS ver:


Commenter Comment
Scott Clawson Dept Gate: 24 Load: fULL, 3 NO SHOWS ACM's:18 UAM's:0 NR's:0 HR's:0 DH's:0 Live Cargo:XXX Perishable Items:20 CASE PINEAPPLES Haz Mats:xxx CO Mat: ZFW: 391180lbs Fwd Cargo: 14986 lbs Rear Cargo: 14997 lbs CA Mail: 89 lbs T/O Fuel: 26893 gal GTOW: 629381 lbs DEP-WX: PHNL 262253Z 06013G24KT 10SM -RA FEW030 SCT036 BKN042 BKN130 29/21 A2997 RMK AO2 PK WND 08029/2203 RAB07 SLP147 P0000 T02890211 Dep rwy: 8L Out: 23:26 Off: 23:39 ARR-WX: CYVR 262200Z 28016KT 20SM SKC 15/07 A3017 RMK CB TOP N NE SLP216 Ldg rwy: 8R On: 06:49 In: 06:54 Arr gate: 55 PIC: Capt Scott Clawson AC Deferred items:normal maintenance Cabin Deferred items: none Flt Summary:good flight, most pax slept, breakfasr served FC and light snack in Y

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