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Flight CPC311CB

  • Submitted By: Scott Clawson
  • Departure Airport: Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)
  • Arrival Airport: Sydney International Airport (YSSY)
  • Aircraft: DC10-30 (C-GCPC)
  • Flight Time: 16.58.53
  • Date Submitted: 08/17/2013
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(238 load / $ 686.50 per unit
$ 163, 387.00
Fuel Cost:
(110808 fuel used @ 0.87 / unit)
$ 96, 402.96

Additional Log Information:

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FS-[00:00] - Commercial Level Simulations - DC-10-30 CP Air C-GCPJ
FS-[00:00] - Fuel Start: 133291 lbs
FS-[00:00] - Flight CPC311CB is ready to depart PHNL with a final destination of YSSY.
FS-[00:00] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[00:00] - Boarding
FS-[00:01] - Instrument Lights ON
FS-[00:01] - Navigation Lights ON
FS-[00:02] - Beacon Light ON
FS-[00:02] - Wing Lights ON
FS-[00:02] - Logo Lights ON
FS-[00:07] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[00:07] - Pushing Back from the gate
FS-[00:07] - Engine 1 Started
FS-[00:07] - Taxi Lights ON
FS-[00:07] - Taxi Lights OFF
FS-[00:07] - Taxi Lights ON
FS-[00:08] - Engine 2 Started
FS-[00:08] - Strobe Lights ON
FS-[00:08] - Landing Lights ON
FS-[00:08] - Engine 3 Started
FS-[00:08] - Flaps to position 1
FS-[00:08] - Flaps to position 2
FS-[00:09] - Taxiing to Runway
FS-[00:10] - Taking Off with 238 passengers on board
FS-[00:10] - Take off at 195kts, with a pitch of 7deg and 32089gal of fuel on board
FS-[00:10] - Wind Heading 50 | Wind Speed 12kts | Temperature 30 deg C
FS-[00:10] - Climbing to TOC
FS-[00:10] - Flaps to position 1 at 610ft and 206kts
FS-[00:10] - Gear up at 604AGL
FS-[00:10] - Flaps to position 0 at 1119ft and 220kts
FS-[00:11] - AutoPilot Engaged at 1210AGL
FS-[00:14] - Taxi Lights OFF 8862AGL
FS-[00:14] - Landing Lights OFF 9954AGL
FS-[00:26] - TOC reached
FS-[00:26] - Cruise started
FS-[05:11] - TOD reached
FS-[05:11] - Descending to destination
FS-[05:28] - Landing Lights ON 9902AGL
FS-[05:29] - Wing Lights OFF 9206AGL
FS-[05:29] - Wing Lights ON 9196AGL
FS-[05:29] - Logo Lights OFF 9173AGL
FS-[05:29] - Logo Lights ON 9163AGL
FS-[05:29] - Taxi Lights ON 9101AGL
FS-[05:29] - Landing Lights OFF 9091AGL
FS-[05:29] - Landing Lights ON 9088AGL
FS-[05:31] - Flaps to position 1 at 8996ft and 241kts
FS-[05:31] - Flaps to position 2 at 9026ft and 238kts
FS-[05:33] - Flaps to position 3 at 7723ft and 229kts
FS-[05:35] - Landing Shortly
FS-[05:38] - Flaps to position 4 at 2982ft and 188kts
FS-[05:38] - Flaps to position 5 at 2979ft and 183kts
FS-[05:39] - Gear down at 3015AGL
FS-[05:39] - Flaps to position 6 at 2976ft and 163kts
FS-[05:39] - Recognition Lights ON 2648AGL
FS-[05:40] - Logo Lights OFF 2516AGL
FS-[05:40] - Logo Lights ON 2507AGL
FS-[05:42] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 354AGL
FS-[05:43] - Landed at -255fpm. With 3436gal of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 2deg.
FS-[05:43] - Wind Heading 320 | Wind Speed 13kts | Temperature 19 deg C
FS-[05:43] - Flaps to position 0
FS-[05:44] - Landing Lights OFF
FS-[05:44] - Taxiing to Gate
FS-[05:44] - Strobe Lights OFF
FS-[05:46] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[05:46] - Arrived safely at YSSY. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
FS-[05:46] - Engine 1 Stopped
FS-[05:46] - Engine 2 Stopped
FS-[05:46] - Engine 3 Stopped
FS-[05:46] - Taxi Lights OFF
FS-[05:46] - Wing Lights OFF
FS-[05:46] - Logo Lights OFF
FS-[05:47] - Beacon Lights OFF
FS-[05:47] - Navigation Lights OFF
FS-[05:47] - Commercial Level Simulations - DC-10-30 CP Air C-GCPJ
FS-[05:47] - Fuel Stop: 22483 lbs
FS-[05:47] - Fuel Used: 110808 lbs
FS-[05:47] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS-[05:47] - CP Air ACARS ver:


Commenter Comment
Scott Clawson TYPE FLT:PAX ACM's:15 UAM's:0 NR's:2 HR's:0 FWD CARGO: 11962lbs REAR CARGO: 11842lbs Total Fuel: 216170lbs Zero Fuel Wt: 268751lbs GTOW: 498758lbs nDEP-WX:PHNL 162353Z 06016G23KT 10SM FEW027 SCT050 32/19 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP153 60000 T03170189 10322 20256 56014 GATE:6 RWY:4R nARR-WX:YSSY 170030Z 35012KT CAVOK 23/05 Q1008 RWY: 34L GATE:33nFLT OVERVIEW:Quiet evening flight, light snacks and drinks served FA CABIN WU's:Breaker for coach ovens and coffee makers keeps breaking AC PERF WU's: Normal maintenance, aircraft in great shape

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