Total Pilots: 105
Total Aircraft: 30
Total Flights Flown: 3,370
Total Hours Flown: 9,501.01
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Schedules: 2,505
Total Pax Carried: 525,416
Total Miles Flown: 3,314,012

Pilot Country

Country Location
Country Location
Brazil (2) Canada (69)
Czech Republic (1) Germany (1)
Denmark (1) France (1)
United Kingdom (5) Hungary (2)
Mexico (2) New Zealand (1)
Portugal (1) United States (18)
Venezuela (1)


Random Screenshot!
Random Screenshot
Submitted By Alberto - CPC0021
On - 02/10/2013

Server Upgrade this Weekend

Posted by Bruce Wood on 07/24/2014

Our server will be upgrading this weekend. The current MySQL database version is now considered end of life (EOL), so it needs to upgrade.  Not only is this a requirement, but will ensure a stable, secure, and feature rich hosting environment moving forward. There should be minimal interuption in service during the upgrade window.

Let me know, if anything gets boke, though ;)


If you have NOT read the forum

Posted by Bruce Wood on 07/11/2014

Yeah, so as a summation, to eliminate getting logged out regularly from the website......

Go to our "beta" site and log in there:

Then open a new tab and go to:

and do all the stuff you would normally do.  I know it sounds kind of dumb, but it works for now, until I have the whole site redone and up to par. :)

Server Issues

Posted by Bruce Wood on 09/29/2013

There has been some Server Issues the last couple of days.  So if you have had ANY problems, that is why.  I am working to have it resolved.  I believe it is fine now, but let me know if anyone has any continued issues.  Thanks.


Current Active Flight BIDS

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
CPC1260MAQ CYYZ LPPT Bruce Wood B777-300 C-GGGF 7.05 Hours