Total Pilots: 107
Total Aircraft: 42
Total Flights Flown: 4,653
Total Hours Flown: 13,866.45
Total Flights Today: 2
Total Schedules: 2,769
Total Pax Carried: 734,907
Total Miles Flown: 4,981,456

Pilot Country

Country Location
Country Location
Brazil (1) Canada (70)
Czech Republic (1) Germany (1)
Denmark (1) United Kingdom (8)
Hungary (2) Israel (1)
Mexico (1) Netherlands (1)
New Zealand (1) Portugal (1)
United States (18)


Random Screenshot!
Random Screenshot
Submitted By Darren - CPC0019
On - 10/11/2010


Posted by Bruce Wood on 06/16/2016

The event offering extremely challenging approaches was "The GRAND ROCKY MOUNTAINS TOUR" and Bid Links will be left up here, for those who still want to do these flights this week.

ADD to BID: Add to Bid CYYC - KJAC

ADD to BID: Add to Bid KJAC - KASE

ADD to BID: Add to Bid KASE - CYYC

If you have Not read the Forum

Posted by Bruce Wood on 03/17/2016

April 16, 2016 UPDATE: Still logging users out

Yeah, so as a summation, to eliminate getting logged out regularly from the website......

Go to our "beta" site and log in here:

Click HOME menu link, then open a new tab by clicking here:

and do all the stuff you would normally do.  I know it sounds kind of dumb, but it works for now.  Please do it this way, otherwise you may have to KEEP logging in over and over.  And, post any questions you have in the forum.

Departure Times

Posted by Bruce Wood on 12/07/2012

Please try to depart/pushback close to the actual schedule time.  In real world flights, you will not see aircraft departing early.  They have to follow a schedule.  Obviously, due to unforseen circumstances, they may depart late from the gate, but not early.

So again, please try to keep it within a few minutes of your scheduled departure time.  Not 10, 15 or 20+ minutes, but within a few, or right on time would be good ;)

Current Active Flight BIDS

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
CPC1863MA EDDL CYYZ Stephane Gaouette MD11 C-FGAP 8.2 Hours