Total Pilots: 113
Total Aircraft: 42
Total Flights Flown: 4,784
Total Hours Flown: 14,318.24
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Schedules: 2,786
Total Pax Carried: 755,994
Total Miles Flown: 5,152,692

Pilot Country

Country Location
Country Location
Australia (1) Brazil (1)
Canada (73) Czech Republic (1)
Germany (1) Denmark (1)
United Kingdom (8) Hungary (2)
Israel (1) Mexico (1)
Netherlands (1) New Zealand (1)
Portugal (1) United States (19)
Venezuela (1)


Random Screenshot!
Random Screenshot
Submitted By Bruce - CPC0001
On - 03/08/2013

New Forum

Posted by Bruce Wood on 05/26/2017

The new Forum is complete and running now.  The old forum data was imported from a backup database.  Most posts from years gone by are there.  However, posts over the last 2 years may not be, due to a server crash/problem etc.  But, there have not been a lot of posts over that time anyway ;)

Keep in mind, there could be a few anomolies in the whole transfer database thing; please let me know if you encounter anything odd.  Thanks.


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