Total Pilots: 116
Total Aircraft: 42
Total Flights Flown: 5,210
Total Hours Flown: 14,901.59
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Schedules: 2,924
Total Pax Carried: 798,249
Total Miles Flown: 5,322,843


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Pilot Country

Country Location
Country Location
Australia (1) Brazil (1)
Canada (75) Czech Republic (1)
Germany (1) Denmark (1)
United Kingdom (7) Hungary (2)
Israel (1) Mexico (1)
Netherlands (1) New Zealand (1)
Portugal (1) United States (21)
Venezuela (1)


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Random Screenshot
Submitted By Bruce - CPC0001
On - 09/02/2012

Website Status

Posted by Bruce Wood on 09/12/2018

CP Air Virtual Airlines is in need of updating and due to my inability to continue running this VA effectively, I WAS taking it down. I MIGHT have someone who can help me with the issues I have been having.

So, the site is back up right now and I hope to have stuff all fixed up, with the help of someone else. I do NOT want to see CP Air VA closed down. Fingers crossed, it will get back to being updated!

Thanks again to all, for your patience with me; I must be driving you all crazy!!



Jumpseat Tickets Now Available

Posted by Bruce Wood on 04/05/2018

I have added the JUMPSEAT feature to the site.  I will link it in a menu item later tonight (I hope to, anyway)  But for now, you can click on the link below, to take you right to it and request a jumpseat ticket to get you to another location, providing you have funds to pay for it.  Remember, eveytime you do a flight, you get paid  Smile

So, that way you don`t HAVE TO depart from where you last landed at; you are just catching a ride back to another location in the jumpseat.

Website Design

Posted by Bruce Wood on 12/19/2017

I am working on some design changes, so the site will look a bit different than before sometimes, for a little while; such as the top banner picture not showing ;)  Over the next few days anyway.


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